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Episode 29 - Boobs, Bras & Fluid Retention with "Lymphoholic" Chelsey Jean

February 04, 2022 Samantha Barnett, Clinical Nutritionist Season 1 Episode 29
Wholehearted Health & Nutrition
Episode 29 - Boobs, Bras & Fluid Retention with "Lymphoholic" Chelsey Jean
Show Notes

Did you know we have an incredible system within our body so many of us know nothing about!  In this episode I have invited the queen when it comes to what we know as our lymphatic system.  Her name is Chelsey Jean and she is a Naturopath and the Founder of the Advanced Lymphatic Health Clinic and the Chelsey Jean label.  A force in the health and well-being world start out in the industry at the age of 19!  

With a goal to improve Everybody’s life for the better, Chelsey has now created her own lymphatic self massage protocol and products, incorporating over 20 years of clinical experience and worldwide research.  Her goal is simple: to create fun, easy, at home lymphatic health habits and solutions that everybody can use easily and effectively.  

As a self-described “lymphoholic”, Chelsey’s innovative LymFATic products and protocols can be found in clinics all over Australia.  Influenced by the great success of her in-clinic patients the 9000 women in her BOOB camp facebook group winning business growth and Innovation Awards she aspires to change as many lives as possible! 

Join us today as Chelsey talks all things lymphatics from sore boobs, the right underwear, fluid retention, stored body fat and ways to improve your lymphatic flow.   

If this episode has resonated with you in some way, I would love to know more.   Take a screenshot and tag @seedsoflifenutrition and @chelsey_jean_lymphatics on instagram or send me a DM.

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