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Episode 27 - Holistically Healing with Dr Cris Beer

January 21, 2022 Season 1 Episode 27
Wholehearted Health & Nutrition
Episode 27 - Holistically Healing with Dr Cris Beer
Show Notes

When it comes my own health I see an integrative GP.  I am a big advocate of using natural methods but I can also appreciate how far some areas in Western Medicine have come and the benefits in using certain medications as a stepping stone if needed.  Seeing an Intergrative GP gives me the best of both worlds!  

In today's episode I have invited Integrative GP, Dr Cris Beer.  For those that have been following me from the start, you will know Dr Cris was one of the healers who helped me get to where I am today.  She specialises in not just the treatment of illness but in the attaining of optimum health, helping real patients with real issues looking at preventative health, lifestyle medicine, hormones, weight loss, fatigue, sleep problems, digestive issues …and pretty much anything to do with women’s health.    

Not only is Dr Cris in my opinion a fantastic doctor, she is also the author of two books "Healthy Habits – 52 ways to Better Health" and "Healthy Liver".   As a a media doctor, she also regularly contributes to prints and online publications and has appeared in shows such as Studio 10, The Daily Edition and SBS insight. 

I am so exicted to share this incredible lady with you all. 

Join us as Dr Cris shares her personal journey to integrative medicine, what may be at the core of your health issues including the pressures of being a mother (having 3 young children of her own!).  We also talk all things holistically healing in today's modern world.

If this episode has resonated with you in some way, I would love to know more.   Take a screenshot and tag @seedsoflifenutrition and @_drcris on instagram or send me a DM.

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