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Episode 38 - Concious Parenting & Connections with Jayden Leigh

April 08, 2022 Season 1 Episode 38
Wholehearted Health & Nutrition
Episode 38 - Concious Parenting & Connections with Jayden Leigh
Show Notes

A lot of conversations I have with women are the lack of support received from their partners and how they feel they are left to do it all.  They also don’t make sense of how their partners parent, don’t agree with it, call them ignorant or too rough – whatever it may be.  From my own personal experience I have come to learn men parent differently for a reason.  In today’s modern world I see so many men struggling to find the right way to parent anymore - so they shut off completely.  This can lead to poor relationships and disconnection in our homes.  Ladies, they are males, not females and they connect on a completely differently level that so many of us can’t comprehend. We are wired differently.  

In this episode I chat with Jayden Leigh, Concious Parenting Advocate & Emotions Coach,  to get his perspective on the parenting side of the world.  As a husband and father of 2 young kids, Jayden shares his own incredibly inspiring journey that lead him to helping families find balance between work and home and facilitate deeper connections with themselves and their kids. 

Join Jayden and I as we talk about the importance of releasing control and finding what is behind your emotions and the need to control,  sharing responsibilities, making sense of each other's inbuilt parenting styles and how to bring both masculine and feminine energies within the home for all rounded thriving children and connection. 

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